Christian Ministry

  I am currently the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fulton, MS.  This is the fourth church of which I have been pastor over the past 28 years.  I have been at Trinity for a year and a half, after being at my previous place of service for 16 years.

  I never really had any aspirations of being in ministry, as a matter of fact, I was not a Christian until just about a year before pastoring my first church.  In spite of not ever thinking I’d want to be in ministry, I have found it to be an exciting and rewarding experience.  I really do believe one needs to be called by God to the area of ministry which he serves.  This call is not an audible voice from heaven, of course, but nevertheless, it is a definite inner knowing that this is what God is directing.  Once a person submits himself to this calling, God has a number of ways to confirm to an individual whether or not he is on the right track.

   The ministry is the “people business” at the highest level.  While Christian ministry certainly does not ignore physical, social needs, it is not merely an extension of the welfare department.   While it is concerned about the well being of the physcially ill, it is not merely an extension of the hospital.  The Christian ministry is about meeting people where they are and taking them to the point of personally meeting with Jesus and finding complete comfort in Him.  The primary means of accomplishing this is through the teaching and preaching of God’s word, the Bible.   People are made to be in relationship and fellowship with God.  Until this happens in an individual’s life, he will always have an unrest and dissatisfaction that, oftentimes, he is not quite able to identify the reason for it.

   I conclude that the Christian ministry is the most rewarding work in the world for the person who has the calling of God on life for that purpose.  On the other hand, whatever kind of work that one does, with a sense of God’s calling, is for him the most rewarding work in the world.


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