Importance Of Church

Most people believe in God, and most believe that they have some degree of relationship with God; however, many do not feel a need for any type church involvement.  Obviously, as a pastor, I believe church involvement is important, and hopefully, in these few lines, I can lead you to think so, also.  Our relationship to God is in the spiritual realm, more than the physical.  Much the same as physical life, spiritual life needs a certain amount of nourishment.  Church involvement is a spiritual nourishment provider.  A major difference in the physical and spiritual is that in times of physical hunger, there are all kinds of signals going to the brain that it is time to eat, but in the spiritual realm this becomes camouflaged by adverse spiritual influences that are at work against us.  Those who become actively involved in church usually find a sense of satisfaction, that they oftentimes didn’t even know they were missing until they found it.   Church is a support group, in that it is a family of faith.  It provides a circle of friends who have a common bond in Christian faith and values.  Upon the creation of man, God said, “It is not good that man should dwell alone.”  Of course, the immediate context of this is that man needed a helpmeet, a companion, which God provided for him in the creation of woman.  There is also a larger context of this, which is that we are not made to exist without others.  We are social creatures, and everyone will eventually seek to fulfill that social need, somehow.  The church is the ideal answer for the Christian.   Church is a place of instruction.  We may speak of what we believe, but the truth is, we only believe within the paramaters of what we know.  It is also true that we could never really know God unless God revealed Himself to us.  How small and simple He would be if we could figure Him out on our own.  The Bible is our link to know who He is and how He is and what He wants from us.  The Bible is rather amazing in that virtually anyone who spends time with it can reap wonderful benefits from doing so, however, it is so complex that there are great gains to be enjoyed from receiving proper instruction from it.  There are things that one will see in personal Bible study that he will never come to realize by only listening to others teach it, but the opposite is also true:  some things will never be grasped without proper instruction.   One last argument for church involvement:  The Lord has commanded it, (He.10:25.)  If there was nothing else, isn’t this enough?  I could certainly go on and talk about the need each individual has to exercise the gifts and abilities he has been given for the benefit of others, but the fact of the Lord’s command is a good place to stop.  There is a generation coming behind us, and the kind of world in which they will live, and the values they will hold, will depend largely on how we have impressed them and what we have handed them.  We would only have to miss one generation to have a completely pagan society.


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