Prayer Concerns

Annell Taylor

Revil Clayton

Edith Grimes

Mae Nell Waddle

Clint, Fran, Linda, and Dennis Christian

Annie Rae Roberts

Thelma Jackson

Pauline Sheffield

Inez Christian

Vola Senter

Wendell Johnson

Ann Jones

Flora Pearson

Martha Parker

Trillian Scott

Fred and Frances Thomas

Sue Bates

Ann Brock


Military Personnel and families

Harold Stephens

John McCarthy

Kerri Locastro and pre-born baby

Mitzie Stanford

Jeffry Jenkins

Sue Jackson

Elsie Collier

Melinda Randolph

Ryan Gentry

Nita Steele

Chet Jones

Robert and Billie Williams

Rex Terry

First Baptist Church and Bro. Tommy Winders

Our Revival


Lois Mize

Pete Wilson

Peggy Webb

Katie Jane Frederick

Ricky Digby Family

Sam Farris

Nominating Committee and Committee on Committees

George McGee and Family

Charlie McCarthy

Ray Barber

Bill Comer and Daughter, Destiny Comer

Faye Franks

Gracie McFadden

Edward Davis Family

Burwood Baggett

Jan Smith


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