Sowing And Reaping

Have you ever noticed how all of life seems to revolve around the sowing and reaping principle?  We all know that the kind of seed one sows will determine the kind of harvest he will gather.  We would certainly not expect to sow a seed of corn, then go back and gather water melons!  Yet, that seems to be exactly what many people do in the various areas of their life.  People involve themselves in destructive habits and behaviors and foolishly think they have a chance of reaping a good result.  The great seed for the Christian life is the word of God.  There are other seeds, but this is the primary seed under which other seeds are to be sown.  This great and primary seed is sown by speaking and doing those things that are consistent with God’s word, the Bible.  At first thought, one might think this is too high and lofty and cannot be done; however, the person who has come to God, through faith in Christ, has the Holy Spirit living in Him.   This makes everything different!  This gives us the ability to operate in a realm that before was impossible for us.  Our goals and desires change, and we have a God-given power to carry these things out.  Our words are very powerful seeds that we sow.  When our words are consistent with our primary seed, the word of God, we set up an environment for wonderful things to happen in our life.


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