Role Reversal

  My parents are in their old-aged years.  They have both had to give up driving and are at the place in life where they need assistance to do things they have taken for granted for many years.  I am finding myself in the position of having to make decisions for them that sometimes go against what they would rather do.  I know this is not easy for them, and I’m even more sure that it is not easy for me.  I was taught from a very young child that I was to obey them, and this was ingrained into my way of thinking.  Upon becoming an adult and going out to establish a family of my own, I moved out from under the responsibility of obedience, and that was understood and accepted by all involved.  However, I have a God-given responsibility to forever honor my parents.  For me to honor them is to be respectful of them, to remain connected with them in close family fellowship, as much as time and distance allows, and to shoulder the responsibility of seeing that their needs are met.  The Bible says that one of the characteristics of the last days is that people will be without natural affection, but that should never be true with the people of God.


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