Worship And Music

  How important is music in corporate worship, and what style is acceptable/unacceptable?  Music is one of the most powerful mediums with which we have to do.  One’s mood can be almost immediately changed by the effects of music; therefore, music can be used for both positive and negative effects.  As to its importance in corporate worship, it is important, but not all important.  It does not stand on the same ground of importance with the teaching and preaching of God’s revealed word, the Bible.  For those who would rise to take exception to my statement, I would simply say, “Prove your case from the Bible.”   We would do well to realize that in worship, it is God who is the object, and not we ourselves.  Much of what we deem acceptable, or unacceptable, has been appraised as such by our personal preferences and by our culture.  We may say, “We know what we like,” when in fact, we like what we know.  People are worshipping God in many different places in the world, and if were to travel outside of our western culture, we would find a wide variety of expressions of worship through music.  The real question is, “What is pleasing to God?”  How can we possibly endeavor to answer such a question?  We can only answer by our understanding of the character and personality of God, as revealed in the Scriptures.  It is my conclusion that God is most pleased with music that is given to Him, as an offering of worship, regardless of the musical style.  I would go on to say that our worship is to be given with our whole being.  This would include our emotions, our mind, and our will.  The question of any music’s acceptability can be answered in the consideration of whether or not it brings us into greater awareness of the presence and power of God.


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