Blessed Sleep

  I recently read that the use of sleep medications have risen by 60% over the last ten years.  Are we so troubled that we can’t sleep without drugs?  I am also told that we spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping.  Why did God make us that way?  Certainly, he could have made us in such a way that we would not need that much “down time.”  An article by John Piper says that “we have to become humble in order to go to sleep.”  The cares of the day must be laid aside, along with the planning for tomorrow, and we must totally relax in the now.  The Bible tells us to give our greatest attention to the now, because that’s really all we have.  Psalm 127:2 says, “…He gives His beloved sleep.”  Instead of medication, try meditation.  Instead of counting sheep, talk to the Shepherd.


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