Godly Love

  Christians are God’s children, born of His Spirit, forever changed from their very heart.  Christ is in us, in the person of the Holy Spirit, and we are in Him in our eternal relationship with Him.  At our conversion, then throughout our life, we are changed and are being changed, conformed to the image of Christ in our thought processes and our goals and desires.  One of the primary indicators that we really know God in a personal relationship is that we love one another.  When we love somebody, we want to see good come their way.  We want them to experience the ultimate good, to know God as we do.  When we love somebody, we are willing to be inconvenienced for them, even to do sacrificial things for them.  We are told in the Bible that even if we could speak with the tongues of men and angels, even if we had such faith that we could move mountains, even we were to give our bodies to burned as a sacrifice, and we did not have love, it would profit us nothing.  This is not speaking of romantic love, though romantic love has its place.  This is not reciprocal love, where you do somebody good because they have done you good, or have the potential to do you good in the future, but this is self-giving, sacrificial, love that is born out of commitment, not feeling.  This is godly love, the kind that God has for us, and the kind that He commands that we have for one another.


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