The Patience Of God

  I recently heard a preacher say that we have no right to hear the gospel twice, when so many in this world have not heard it once. In reality, we have no right to hear the gospel even once. It is God’s gift of grace that we hear it at all. It is beyond the scope of our comprehension that God is so good, and that His mercy endures forever. Why is God so patient with the human race? Why doesn’t He simply speak the word and end this age, wiping out forever His enemies? He will one day, but we are told that the present longsuffering of our Lord is salvation. The Lord is gathering His Church, His Bride, and one day, maybe this day, the last one is going to be gathered. Some man, woman, boy, or girl is going to receive Christ into their heart, and the Lord will say, “That’s the last one, my house is full, and my table is ready.” When that happens, the Lord will come, and the patience of God will be past.


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