Here’s The Skinny

  We anticipated a big night for Awana last night, but it exceeded all expectations.  We had 94 kids, 49 adult workers, for a total Awana count of 143!  I also had another room jam-packed full of other adults to study the Bible and pray.

   Below are the people for whom we prayed last night:

In Nursing Homes: Annell Taylor, Revis Clayton, Edith Grimes, Mae Nell Waddle, Clint Christian (Rehab,) Annie Rae Roberts, Thema Jackson, Pauline Sheffield, Inez Christian, Vola Senter, Wendell Johnson, Ann Jones, Flora Pearson, Martha Parker, Trillian Scott.

In Hospitals:  Gerald Miles.

Others: Frances and Linda Christian, Fred and Frances Thomas, Sue Bates, Ann Brock, Missionaries, Military Personnel and families, Harold Stephens, Kerri Locastro, Mitzie Stanford, Sue Jackson, Elsie Collier,  Ryan Gentry, Chet Jones, Nita Steele, Robert and Billie Williams, Rex Terry, Lois Mize, Peggy Webb, Sam Farris, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Barber, Bill Comer, Destiny Comer, Jan Smith, Coleen Robinson, Carolyn Maxey, Cheryl Bradley, Martha Chumbley, Clara Perry, Rex Weaver and family, Rose Abbott, Laverne Baggett, Thomas Engels, Peggy and Wayne Edwards, Billy Smith, Myron Jones’ daughter.


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