Life has its aggravations, does it not?  For instance, you’re going along and all seems well, then out of the blue, you step in chewing gum!  I did that the other day with some shoes that have these little indentions in the sole.  What an aggravation!  Now, you’re thinking, is that the only trouble you’ve got?  Chewing gum on your shoe soles isn’t much when you compare to it some things is it?  But I’m not talking about major problems, I’m talking about aggravations.  Did this chewing gum episode ruin my day?  No Sir, no Ma’am.  It was an aggravation, but I figure God had a purpose for me spend a few minutes doing something besides what I was doing.  It may be that in His great mercy, He was detaining me for just a couple of minutes, so I would be in safety instead of tragedy.  In everything, I will give Him thanks.  What will you do?


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