It has now been 5 years and 2 days since the terrorists struck our country. I remember how strange it seemed not see or hear any airplanes flying in those days following the attack. I remember thinking that we would probably never again enjoy many of the freedoms that we had taken for granted, but thankfully, that has turned out better than I thought it might. I remember how the churches filled up. We had a special prayer meeting at church that Tuesday night, only announced by word of mouth from one person to another, and our church was almost full. The next night, at our regular Wednesday night prayer meeting, it was full. Sunday morning came and it was a packed house again. I remember the most unlikely congressmen standing with the others and bowing in prayer in front of the TV cameras, asking God for mercy and blessing. I remember thinking that perhaps out of such great tragedy, a wakeup call had come to God’s people, and now they were going to reprioritize their lives, and the Lord was going to be feared. But, then I remember when the shock wore off, Wednesday night prayer meeting went back to the faithful few, and the congressmen went back to their usual political tactics. We would be very wise to pray for God’s mercy, because we have no leg on which to stand to ask for anything else.


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