Every group has a leader.  Two people can have basically the same responsibility, but one will always rise to leadership and the other will follow that lead.  Anytime there is an absence of a leader, someone will rise up to fill the vacuum, even-though that person may be totally unappointed and unchosen.  Throughout history, God has always put leaders before His people.  A very shallow Bible search will show that as people followed those leaders, the hand of God’s blessing was upon them, provided the leaders followed the leading of God.  I’ve given a great deal of attention to churches and their progress.  It is not difficult to find churches that are thriving, nor is difficult to find churches that are in chaos.  I do not know of a thriving church anywhere that doesn’t follow the leader that God has put before them.  I tremble as I consider the awesome responsibility of being the pastor of a local church.  As I understand the Bible, I must give an account to God for my personal leadership role in the entire program and ministries of the church during the time I am its pastor.  The challenge of a pastor/leader is to communicate clearly the word of God and the vision that he believes God has given him for the church.  It is often a frustrating business, but I realized several years ago that a pastors vision is usually several years ahead of his people.  I don’t know why God does it that way, but I am convinced that He does.  That means a great deal of patience is called for on the part of the pastor.  Things that the pastor absolutely knows need to be done, may not be understood by the people today, but given a little time, those same things may work out perfectly well.  So, the challenge for the pastor is to faithful, but consistent, and the challenge for the congregation is to be prayerfully supportive of their pastor/leader and to seek to follow, unless there is clear evidence that the leadership is inconsistent with biblical teachings or principles.  I have been much impressed with the people that make up the Trinity church family.  I was impressed on my first day as their pastor, as various groups stood and verbally affirmed, “I will support my pastor.”  I pray for my pastor brothers, many of whom do not have that kind of support from their congregations.  God has always led his people through leaders.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He will continue to lead through leaders until the end of the age.


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