Pass It On

  We have a supper each Wednesday evening at our church, and last night I noticed it sounded like a school room cafeteria. That was a good sound, because we are making a concerted effort to teach God’s word to children and youth. We are not a big church, as a matter of fact, our average Sunday morning attendance is less than 200, but last night we had 109 kids there, besides the adults. In Psalm 145:4, as David is praising the Lord, he says, “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and declare your mighty acts.” I have learned that, in China, among other things that are illegal in registered churches, it is illegal to religiously educate children. One person told me that there would be a church full of people, but there would be no children or youth. In spite of this, the good news of Christ is spreading, as house churches are meeting and doing things that the registered churches aren’t able to do. I am told that in England, where they have large and beautiful church buildings, buildings that tour groups visit to view their beauty, that these buildings are virtually empty for their intended purpose. They evidently failed to pass it to the next generation. When Joshua and the Children of Israel were about to enter the land that God had promised them, they were instructed by God to take up stones out the Jordon River and to build a memorial, so that in years to come, when their children would ask concerning the meaning of the stones, they could tell them what God had done for them. Noah’s preaching ministry doesn’t look all that successful, at first glance, but then we realize that he had his entire family in the ark with him. Whatever else we do in our relationship with God, let’s make sure we make every effort to let the next generation know about the grace and mercy of our God.


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