Isn’t it amazing what people who profess to be believers will argue about?  I am not in the arguing business, but that is not to say that I do not believe strongly about Scriptural doctrines, because I do.   For instance, as Baptists, we baptize every convert, believing that it is an initial act of obedience to Christ in the life of a new believer.  At the same time, we believe there is no physical action that men can do that conveys an inward grace, such as salvation.  Salvation is a supernatural action of God, given to man, completely by grace, and every thing we do is merely in response to the grace that God has given us.  However, we place much emphasis on baptism, because we see in the Bible that when people were converted, they were baptized as soon as possible.  Baptism is God’s way of testifying with a living picture of what has happened in the life of an individual who has come to Christ.


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