Foot Washing

  I have no criticism of church groups, who in the environment of a church service, have a time of foot washing.  I have been in such a service, and I must admit it was a moving experience.  With that said, I have to say that, in John 13, when Jesus said, “As I have washed your feet, so should you wash one another’s feet,” most Bible believers understand that some interpretation needs to be applied to the passage, and that Jesus was talking about His followers involving themselves in needed, practical acts of service to others, rather than a church ordinance.  A couple of things that substantiate this is that, it is not mentioned as a command anywhere else in the Scripture, and there is no example of it being practiced by the church, like the examples we see of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  Now, again I say that if your church practices foot washing, I have no word of criticism about the practice, I am simply explaining why we do not.


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