The Work Of The Ministry

  Have you ever studied how we have evolved to do things the way we do them, or to have the organizational setup that we have?  Baptists have, for many years, referred to themselves as, “people of the book,” meaning that we consider the Bible our sole authority for faith and practice.  How is the work of the ministry supposed to be accomplished, and exactly what is the work of the ministry?  Each of us would do well to ask ourselves, “Exactly what is my part in the work of the ministry?  What can I do, and what should I do?”  If it were not such a serious matter, it would be almost comical what some people seem to think about the responsibility of a pastor.  I must brag on my congregation at this point, but it is not unusual to see pastors, who in an attempt to be all things to all people, leaving the word of God to wait on tables.  Certainly, any true pastor should genuinely love his people and be willing to provide helpful service, as he has opportunity, but anything less than giving top priority to prayer and the ministry of the word is a departure from his Scriptural mandate.


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