The Comfort Of God’s Plan

   God’s plan is not always comfortable, but it is always comforting.  In Jeremiah 29, after many of the people of Israel had been taken into Exile, Jeremiah wrote a letter to those in Exile, under the inspiration of God, and he began it by saying, “Thus says the Lord.”  The letter pointed out that those, who had been captured by the Babylonians, had been captured because the Lord caused it to happen.  I will not attempt to take the necessary space to give explanation as to why God caused it to happen, but the point I am attempting to make here is that, although these people were going through a difficult time, they were never outside the control of Almighty God.  In this letter, God told them that when 70 years had gone by, they would seek Him with their whole heart and they would find Him.  He told them that He knew the plan He had for them, and it was a plan to do them good and not evil.   The application is that we certainly can bring a great deal of trouble on ourselves, as we allow our hearts to become turned away from God, but that God is a loving Father, who knows how to deal with His children, and anything He allows to come into our lives is ultimately for our good and His glory.  I find great comfort in knowing that God is in complete control of all things.


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