Serving God

  We are told in the Bible that whatever our hand finds to do, we are to do it with all our might, for there is no planning, wisdom, or work in the grave, (Ecc.9:10.)  At about 6 years old, I thought maybe I was supposed to be Superman when I grew up.  Well, there may be room for argument as to whether or not I became Superman, but I as the years went by, my goals changed several times.  As a child, it’s perfectly normal not to know what we’re supposed to do with our life, but there comes a point when we need to find out, and we need to get at it.  We are to diligently search out what we are to do.  The Scripture says, “whatever your hand findsto do,” not just whatever comes across your hand.  We do this by determining our area of giftedness, then ministering that gift.  We are also told in God’s word that spiritual gifts are given for the upbuilding of the body, that is, the church, so we are to be very church connected as we minister our gifts.  We are to do it with all our might, meaning with great intensity.  I am saddened at the way many people demonstrate their devotion to God.  In Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament, God said that the people who were trying to worship Him with half-hearted devotion  should go and offer that same level of devotion to their governor, or employer, and see how they came out.  Many people would lose their job immediately!  Finally, we are to serve the Lord now.  There will be no work in the grave.   So many people are waiting to get the proverbial “round tuit,” so they can serve God in obedience, but again and again the Bible says that the time is now.  Each of us makes priority decisions every day, and we can be sure that the time will come, both in the circumstances of this life, and at the judgement, that we will have to face the decisions we are making.


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