Called For His Purpose

  Being called for His purpose is to be called to salvation, sanctification, and service.   Salvation is past, present, and future.  For the Christian, born again is past, growing in Christ is present, and going to be with God in heaven is future.  All of these are included in our call to salvation.  Sanctification and service are off-shoots of our salvation and are not optional for the super-spiritual few, but are the marks of every person who is truly born again and continues to live.  If it is real on the inside, it will be seen on the outside.  If a birth has taken place, there is a baby to show!  A mere head knowledge of Jesus demands nothing from the life of an individual, but real knowledge of Christ, that results from believing on Him and being born again, demands everything.   The amazing thing is, that when we really know Him, we gladly give it, because we are the called according to His purpose, and we know that all things work together for our good.


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