Have you noticed how many things you can do nowadays without exhanging any cash, or without dealing with any living person?  I was traveling through a neighboring town and stopped by their Walmart for an item I thought I needed, and low and behold they had the “self-checkout.”  There was a long line at the regular checkout lines, so I opted to do the self-checkout.  No problem!  In a very short moment, I was out the door.  Almost everywhere, when I purchase gasoline, the entire transaction can be done from the pump, without dealing with anyone.  Many of my bills, including my auto insurance, can be paid directly online, and a number of them can be put on automatic online pay, which I take advantage of, considering stamps now cost 39 cents.  I am able to correspond with people I know on the other side of the world, as easily as I could if they were across the street, by way of email.  My cell phone goes into my pocket before I go out the door, and I am able to talk to virtually anybody, any time.  I like all that stuff, I will not deny it, and when a new gadget comes out, I’m looking at it.  Right now, I’m contemplating on a voice activated GPS for my automobile (I already have a hand-held model for fishing, etc.)   Long ago, when no one could imagine how it could become reality, God revealed in the Bible that in the end-time, people would come into a system where they would absolutely have to have a certain number in order to buy or sell.  I’m not saying that we are in that system now, but I am saying that the system we are now in is a stepping stone to the end-time system that is prophesied in the Bible.  The “Mark of the Beast” as foretold in Revelation 13, will be something that people will know they are doing, and it will involve a clear decision to go against following Christ.  But can’t you see how people who will already be so conditioned to having everything so convenient will be drawn to be able to continue in convenience?   We have grown to love convenience and to abhor inconvenience.  The call of God on our life is to do that which is right, whether is convenient, or not.


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