The Best Christmas Gift

   I talked to a lady the other day who said that she gave the best Christmas gift anyone could get to her children and grandchildren.  When I asked her what that was, she said, “Money!”  I had to agree that money is a pretty good gift, because it can be put to so many different uses.  I read a piece the other day about a $20 bill and a $1 bill that had been returned to the mint for destruction, having already lived out their appropiated time for wear and tear.  They got to talking to each other about their lives, and the $20 bill told about going to exciting places all over the world.  He then asked the $1 bill where he’d been, to which the $1 bill said, “Oh, I’ve mostly just been to church!”  Well, that brings me to my point (aren’t you glad?).  The best gift is the gift that God gave to us, in giving His Son to be our stand in substitute in the payment of our sins.  The next best is what we give that will glorify Him.  I would conclude that would be our life in voluntary service to Him.


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