If Mary Had A Cell Phone


Can you imagine if Mary had a cell phone?  The Nativity Scene would consist of a lot bigger crowd than what we are used to seeing.   They could have ordered pizza.  God always a better way than we do.  He sent an angel, along with a heavenly host to tell the shepherds, and he produced a special star to alert the Wise Men.   Just because there is something that we don’t have, that we think would make things eaiser for us, we can take comfort in knowing that God is able to get the job done without the aid of any of man’s inventions.  However, if we do have a cell phone (or anything else,) we are wise men (and women) if we find ways to use it for the glory of God.  A telephone, for instance, is a powerful tool for ministering comfort and encouragement in the name of Jesus.  Call somebody!


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