How Do You Read?

  Most every group that calls themselves “Christian” hold up the Bible as their guide, yet there may be daylight and dark difference between the groups.  The difference is the manner in which the Bible is interpreted.  Some basic principles of biblical interpretation include: 1) A verse or passage is to be taken in its immediate context; 2) It is to be taken in context of the overall message of the Bible; and, 3) It is to be understood with other Scriptures that speak to the same subject.   Those are things that any serious reader of the Bible can do.   One can also get word study helps in order to better understand the verse or passage from a standpoint of the original language of the text.   Sincere faith can be sincerely wrong.  There have been those who put strong faith in thin ice.   God is not who any individual would like Him to be, but He is Who He is and Who He has revealed Himself to be through the pages of Holy Scripture.


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