Keep It Clean

dkr_14.jpg   At our house, we sometimes put things in the refridgerator with good intentions of using it before it goes bad, but for whatever reason, it stays in there long enough that it just has to be thrown out.  Usually, these things accumulate, and all at once, we decide to have a refridgerator cleaning.  The result is a lot of stuff gets thrown out.  There are several passages in the Bible that tell us to put things away from us that are no longer suitable for us.  Sinful things and things that hinder us from experiencing victorious Christian living are examples of things that need to go.  The good news is, that God is ready, willing, and able to help us do it, but it is a faith decision on our part.  Not only that, but when we cast away something that needed to go, God has some good and positive things with which we can fill that empty spot.


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