By God’s design, life gets redirected.  There are many Bible examples, as well as many modern-day examples, where people have been going along, business as usual, then something happens and their life is redirected.   Sometimes, it happens by way of blessing, such as the birth of a child.  I’ve seen people who had no time for church and the things of God, but then when something really good happened to them, they begin to realize how good God has been to them, and their heart is open for God’s redirection.  Other times, it happens by way of blasting.  There are those who must be laid flat of their backs before they are willing to look up.  Maybe it’s a tragedy that hits their life, causing them to suddenly see things in proper perspective, and their life gets redirected.  It doesn’t take a deep Bible study to discover that God accomplishes His purposes, and that He will bring His people to Himself, because He has His way in the whirlwind and the storm.  How wise is the person who senses the soft speaking of the Holy Spirit, heeds it, and willingly takes steps to redirect his own life in a godly direction.


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