It’s Not Always Easy

  I’ve been studying the book of First Peter, which is about the proper response to undeserved suffering.  He begins by laying a foundation of truth, that we (believers) have been redeemed by the precious Blood of Christ, which really leaves no person of any degree of spiritual understanding with any room to think he has the right to do things his own way.  In the second chapter, he says that we are to live consistently with what chapter one has reminded us that we have received.  We are to live as a testimony to those around us, and verse 21 of that chapter says it is to this that we have been “called.”  But, it is not just live a good, moral life, but it is to live godly in the face of wrongful suffering.  We are even to “submit” to authorities that treat us unfairly, and we are to do it in such a way that the Spirit of Christ in us is observed by unbelievers.  In chapter 3, it gets even more personal, as wives are told to “submit” to their own husbands, even if he is unsaved.  There is a temptation for a wife to say, “I’ll be the right kind of wife to the right kind of husband,” but the Bible is telling ladies to be the “right kind of wife to the wrong kind of husband!”  Then, in verse 7, husbands are told to dwell with their wife with understanding.  To dwell is far more than living under the same roof, it means to live together in harmony.  Understanding means to know her in such a way that the husband knows her needs and concerns.  In other words, effective communication.  She is to be honored as the weaker vessel, weaker in the physical sense, and often emotionally, as well.  The verse ends by saying, “that your prayers be not hindered.”  There are several things that will hinder a person from being able to pray effectively, and this is one of them.   The teachings of First Peter are not always easy, but they are always right, and every believer must be in a constant state of decision making as to whether or not he is going to believe God’s word and live according to His commands.


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