Keys To The Kingdom

keys.jpgWhat are the keys to the kingdom of heaven?  Jesus told Peter and the other disciples that he was giving them to them.  It seems reasonable that these disciples passed the keys on to the next generation, then the next, right on down to our day.  Why is it “keys” plural and not “key” singular?  I think because it was not just a key given to Peter, but keys given to all the followers of Christ.  One having a key has a certain amount of authority.   In Matthew 28:18, Jesus said that He has all authority in heaven and earth, and the reading of the next verses indicate that He conveys an authority on those who would go in His name to carry out that which we call the “Great Commission.”  It is commonly agreed the command of the Great Commission was a command to all Christians of all times, which would include us.  It seems reasonable that the keys of which Jesus spoke are representative of the gospel message.  As we take up those keys, in the authority of Christ, doors are opened and closed, and there are certain repercussions on those who use the keys.  We should ask ourselves how our testimony is different because of our use of those keys?


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