Can We Really Win?

soldier.jpgIt is interesting to note the vast differences of opinions people have concerning the war.  I can certainly understand the negative ramifications of simply pulling out and coming home, but my heart and my head are not in agreement about the situation.  There is a question that really nags at me, and that is, “how are we going to know when we’ve won?”  I hope somebody up there in our governmental decision making group has some specific, reachable goal in mind that would mark our victory.   Personally, I don’t think we can just quit, but neither do I understand what exactly we will have to do to have won.                                                        


 There is another battle raging that has been going on since further back than we can count, and that battle is spiritual.  It moved into human history in the Garden of Eden, and as odd as it may sound, the war is already won, yet battles continue to be fought.  Each day, we do battle with principalities, powers, the rulers of darkness of this age, and spiritual host of wickedness in the spiritual realm.  The good news is, we don’t have to wonder whether or not we can win.  First John 5:4 tells us that if we are born of God, we are overcomers of the world.  In John 3:3, Jesus told Nicodemus that being born of God, or born again, would bring one into the Kingdom of God.  John 3:19-20 gives the acid test:  Do you love the darkness of sin or the light of God’s righteouness?  Verse 21 follows by saying that the one we love best is the one that we will come to.  When you get to the back of the Bible, in Revelation 20, there will clearly be winners and losers.   The winners are those who are in Christ.

 Can we really win in Iraq?  I surely do hope so, and down in the depts of my understanding, I believe so, though there is much about it that I don’t understand.   Can we win in the larger battle, the spiritual battle?  Absolutely!  If we’re in Christ, we already have.   Victory in Jesus is not just a song.


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