God’s Wonderful Call

Luke 19 records the story of a man short of stature, who climbed into a tree in order to see Jesus.  That effort paid off in a big way.  We are told that Jesus called him down and went home with him. 

There are a number of noteable truths about the call on this man’s life, and the call of God on anyone’s life.  1) It is personal.  Jesus called him by name.  To the unsaved world, we are just a number, but to God, we are precious souls with identity; 2) It is urgent.  Jesus told him to “make haste,” because the call of God is not something to be obeyed at our own convienence; 3) It is humbling.  This man had to become noticed by all who were on the ground that day; 4) It is loving.  Jesus told the man He was going home with him.  He still goes home with people; 5) It is lasting.  Jesus said that He was going to abide at the man’s house.  His promise to us is to never leave nor forsake us; 6) It is necessary.  Jesus said “I must abide at thy house.”  This was not just a passing accident or some kind of afterthought, this was in the plan of God; 7) It is effective.  This man’s life was immediately changed, which is very evident the decisions he made.

God’s call is a wonderful call.


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