Christians In A Fallen World

I’ve said it often, I’ll say it again: we’re here for a purpose, and that is to influence others for God, as we ourselves love and serve Him.

We live in a constant turmoil of balancing our two citizenships, that of heaven and earth.  Hal Lindsey said that “some people are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.”  I understand his meaning and the context of his saying that, but there is such a temptation to be so earthly minded that we have to wonder if we are of any heavenly good.

Jesus said that we are sent as lambs among wolves, and that we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  You don’t have to be Matthew Henry to understand that there is going to be some tension in being who we are and carrying out what we’re supposed to do.

Remember, we’re talking about Christians.   Christians have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, who makes things possible that otherwise would not be possible.  In order to do what Jesus said, we must begin with our love for God.  Love for God is like a cup that runs over into a saucer, and the saucer is love for self and love for others.  Only then can we even begin to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Only then can we properly use our faith.  Faith that is not absorbed in love is misguided and misdirected. 

When churches have internal struggles, as many do, there is a love problem.  When Christians fail to be faithful to the things Christians are instructed to do, there is a love problem.

We do live in a fallen world, but God’s grace is greater than our sin, and that alone is the hope for the oceans of people that populate this planet.   As Christians, we are lights who are sent to shine in darkness, and each day is of extreme importance.  Today is of extreme importance.  Pray that God will help you today, as you live victoriously in this fallen world.


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