God, The Final Authority

When we are prosperous, we have God to thank for it, and when we are disobedient, we have God to answer to for it.

Both blessings and blastings often come in ways that we don’t expect.  It may be a great god-given blessing that we have inspiration and ability to do certain things, and eventhough some hard work is required to accomplish those things, it is really God, working behind the scenes, who is the enabler.  It may be seem that we are having a run of “bad luck,” with circumstances putting a stop to our best laid plans, when in reality God, working behind the scenes, is orchestrating some circumstances designed to redirect us in such a way that we acknowledge Him.

God is redemptive, even in times of correcting us.  His purpose is to turn our hearts.  There is an old saying, “Sometimes we have to be flat of our back before we will look up.”

In Revelation, Jesus, who is God the Son, refers to Himself as the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last.  He had the first word in creation, He will have the last word in judgment.  He is the final authority.


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