Above The Clouds

How good or bad is this life supposed to be?  Jesus said that we would have trouble in this world, but of what kind of trouble was He speaking?   Some would quickly answer that we will have all kinds of trouble, every kind that can be named.  It may be that we will encounter a full range of troubles, but do we necessarily have to?  Is there any way around some of these things?

Following hard after Jesus is going to bring on a certain amount of trouble, because people who are His enemies will also become ours.  This is the cross we bear, the one that Jesus said we are to take up daily, if we wish to follow after Him.

There are other troubles in the areas of physical wellness, financial stability, and relational associations that I believe we can avoid by our proper illumination and application of God’s word.  It is no mystery that we bring many of our troubles on ourselves.  That chain can be broken, and that situation can be turned around.   Most people, even Christians, have no idea how quick and powerful the word of God really is.   Most people, even Christians, never tap into the god-given resource of believing in their hearts and confessing with their mouths the truths of God’s word.  The power of life and death are in the tongue.  What are you saying about your situation and your future?

God’s people will have trouble, because the Lord Jesus had trouble.  We may be put to death, but we’re no greater than our Master.   But, there are many clouds of troubles that people are living under, that they could rise above.


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