Lessons From God

I doubt we ever realize just how many of our everyday experiences are, in reality, lessons from God.  Why did my plans fail?  Why do I have conflict in this area of my life?  God could give us a perfectly easy road to travel, as we go down life’s highway, but most of the time, He doesn’t.

His concern for us is that we honor Him.  He is not our servant, rather we are to serve Him.  With that said, let me hasten to say that He has given us great and precious promises, and that He is able to make all grace about toward us.  I believe He blesses us with all the ease and luxury that He can trust us with.

We are constantly given lessons that God is good, sin is serious, and that it is He alone that gives the victory.  Remember, there is something much bigger going on than just these things that the natural eye can see.   We are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ.


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