God created mankind to be relational.  It’s the way we’re wired up, the way we’re programmed.  Therefore, it is no wonder the devil attacks up in the area of relationships.  He is only able to do so if somebody allows him to do so.  Somebody may, but as Christians, we need to make sure it’s not us.

There are only three classifications of relationships with which we have to do.  First, there is the relationship we have with God.  It is like the root of a plant, which means it’s vital.  In order for this relationship with God to be right, it must begin with our faith in Christ, and it continues with our continued submission to Him.  Many people can never really be successful in their relationships, because they do not have a right relationship with God.

Secondly, there is the relationship we have with ourselves, in other words, how we view ourselves.  People tend to go to one of two extremes in this area of life:  they either think too highly of themselves, or they think too lowly.  We need to understand without Christ, we can do nothing.  One song says, “I can’t even walk without you holding my hand.”  On the other hand, we need to understand that we are somebody of tremendous worth and value in Christ.  We are now the children of God, and we are heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ, and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  The reason so many people suffer from low self-esteem is that they look to the wrong places for their approval.  God has already approved the believer.  The reason so many think more highly of themselves than they ought to think is because Hollywood has sold us a lie, and because materialism is the modern day golden calf.

Finally, there is the relationship we have with other people.  Rodney King asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”  The answer is an emphatic “No!”  We will never be able to get along until we can get along with ourselves, and we can’t do that until things are right with God.  A man who raised beagle hounds said that his dogs would snarl, growl, and snap at each other when they were in the pen eating, but when they got on the trail of a rabbit, they would work in perfect harmony, because then they were doing what they were intended to do.   We were intended to know God through faith in Christ, to have peace in our own hearts, and to love our neighbor as ourself.


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