Five Crucial Decisions

I do not in any wise minimize the importance and reality of the sovereignty and providence of God when I say that our current situation of life has a great deal with the decisions we have made thus far. 

There are five decisions in life, and probably more, that are very important to the kind of life we will have while living upon this earth.

First, the decision of faith.  Even beyond our spiritual birth, there is the matter of how closely we will follow after Christ, how faithful we will be to His church, and which church we will identify with.  These things will definitely effect our life.

Secondly, the matter of family.  What kind of son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister will we be to our extended family?  Who will we marry?  That’s a big one.   What priority will we give our nueclear family?  Again, what we decide about these things will make a difference in our life.

Thirdly, the decision about our future.  What kind of work will do, and for whom will we work?  Will we stay close to home for our work, or will we travel to where ever our work may lead us?

Then, there is that decision about finances.  How will we choose to spend our money?  Will we spend it before we get it, or will we use sound financial planning?  Many people’s lives are dictated by financial decisions they have made.

Finally, there is the matter of friends.  I have listed it last, but it’s not last in importance.  Who will we choose for our closest friends?  What we do about this can alter the course of our life, for sure.

Since these things are so important, we would be wise to study God’s word, to know what He says, and to pray for the guiding of His Spirit.


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