Creation, Part One

It is my intent to write several articles on creation. Nothing that will wow you scientifically, but hopefully, good Biblical rationale. Perhaps I can remind you of some things you know, and maybe provoke you to think about some things that you have not considered.

6 Days work – 1 day rest

God created everything in six days. Yes, it was six days like the days of today, because the Bible specifically says, “and the evening and the morning were the first day,” etc. Then, on the seventh day, God rested. He did not rest because He was tired. He rested because He was finished and because He was setting an example for those created in His image. There is a rest principle in the Bible.

One of The Ten Commandments tell us that we are to have a day of rest. Someone always justifies not obeying that command, because it’s in the Old Testament and part of the law. The Ten Commandments are timeless principles. Consider any of the others. For instance, they tell us not to commit adultery, not to kill, not to lie, etc. Is it not just as wrong to do those things as it has ever been?

It is important that we have a day of rest, because God made us to need it. It is a time of refreshing, recouperation, and renewal. God’s people have used this time as a time to more fully turn our minds toward the things of God. It is a time when we should have some extra time for Bible study and prayer. It is a time that we can use for corporate worship.

In Old Testament times, the Jewish weekly Sabbath day was on Saturday; however, close examination of the Scripture shows that the principle of a Sabbath Day is not limited to any specific day. Christians have traditionally taken the Sunday, the first day of the week, as their set aside day.

Everyday, and every area of our lives, belongs to God. We are to live each day as an act of worship before Him, presenting our bodies as living sacrifices, but we would do well to remember that, in the same paragraph where we are told not to murder, we are told to get our work done in six days, then have a rest day.

God could have created everything in one fell swoop, in a moment of time, but He didn’t. Why not? I think it was because He wanted to show us something about how to do our work. First, everything doesn’t get done in a day, so be patient and persistent. Then, realize that we are made in such a way that we need rest.


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