Creation, Part Four

It seems odd that God would only create light on the first day, then only sky on the second day of creation. Not that those were small items to create, but He did it with only a word from Himself. But, who has known the mind of the Lord, and who has instructed Him?

The next four days –

On the third day, God created the ground, seas, and plants. These were each separate acts of creation, and each had its specific purpose. On day four, He created the sun, moon, and stars, then the fifth day, fish and birds. The sixth day marked the creation of animals, then finally, people.

As we come to the third day, and following, we begin to realize that God has a definite plan in all this. It was not that He just decided to entertain Himself by creating some things. It was about Him, without a doubt, and we are told that it was by Him and for Him, yet we can see that God was creating an environment in which He intended mankind to have dominion. Mankind is the apex of all creation.

Admittedly, we seem pretty small when we consider the vastness of the cosmos. We also must admit that there is much that remains a mystery to us about why all that is out there is there. But this we know: God created man in the image of God, male and female created He them, and that’s big business!


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