Creation, Part Five

 People – God’s masterpiece

From Genesis 1:26 through the end of Genesis 3, we see that God created mankind to have dominion, or to rule, over the rest of the creation. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, placed in a wonderful garden, and given only one rule. They soon came under Satan’s attack.

Somewhere back there, before God created mankind, Satan had determined that he would exalt himself to be like God. For doing that, God kicked him out of heaven and cast him down to earth. Now, God puts Adam and Eve on the earth, and He created them to be the very thing that Satan had wanted to be. Is it any wonder that we constantly come under the devil’s attack?

First Corinthians 10:13 says that no temptation has taken us, except that which is common to man. In other words, the devil really hasn’t changed his approach, and he really isn’t using new tricks. His approach then was to get Adam and Eve to believe there was a better way besides God’s way. That’s the same approach he uses on us. Every time we willfully, knowingly sin, it’s because we have believed the devil’s lie, that there is a way better than God’s way.

After they sinned, they realized their fellowship with God was broken. Now, they had no desire to be close to God, as a matter of fact, they wanted to distance themselves from God, so they hid among the trees of the garden. It was a great act of God’s grace when He came and called them, saying, “Adam, where are you?” Certainly, it wasn’t a question so that God could gain information, but rather so that sinful man could own up to his sinful actions.

The covering of leaves they had made for themselves became quite insufficient when they faced God, just as the supposed coverings of religion, good works, and false professions will be insufficient for those who trust such things, when they meet Him in the judgement. God taught a great lesson for all who were to come behind, when he dealt with Adam and Eve. He provided a covering for them! It was a covering of animal skins. We are not specifically told this in the Bible, but it seems very reasonable to assume that the Lord God sacrificed some innocent animals in order to provide a covering for Adam and Eve. It pictured what the entire Old Testament sacrificial system pictured, the innocent suffering for the guilty. This was completely fulfilled when Jesus, who knew no sin, was made to become sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.


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