Churches And Obedience

The principle of God’s blessings on obedience is very real, and it is operable toward churches, just as it is toward individuals. I have witnessed, in each of the four churches I have pastored, God’s financial blessings placed on obedient giving.

We have a biblical mandate to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world. Each church should have a definite plan as to how it will be involved in that process. The Bible teaches that we are to give proportionately, in accordance with how the Lord has allowed us to prosper. This is true for a church, also. God promises blessings on cheerful giving.

If I were looking for a church in which to be a member, I would be very interested to know what portion of the church income went to mission endeavors. God will bless a church that is obedient to Him, and giving is a crucial test of obedience in the life of a church or an individual.

Jesus said, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, yet you do not do the things I say?” The word “Lord” means “boss.” The truth is, Jesus is either Lord of all, or He’s not Lord at all! He is able to bless, but He is also able to withhold blessings. He will not bless disobedience. I saw a gospel tract, some years ago, that pictured a man who had jumped off the top of a tall building. On the way down, he passed some folks looking out a window of the building, and as he went by them he said, “I’m okay, so far!” That’s the way a lot of churches and individuals are looking at their situations. They know they’re disobedient to God in certain areas, and they think because real trouble hasn’t hit them, they must be okay.

The big difference between churches and individuals is that, most of the time, church leaders and congregations get so caught up in just doing what they do Sunday after Sunday, that they have not realized they need to take a fresh look at everything they’re doing, or not doing. In all too many cases, churches give no regard to the fact that what they’re doing is not working and hasn’t been working. When the hand of God is on something, it works!


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