If I love you…

Love is sometimes “tough,” but it’s always giving. One only has to look to Christ’s example to see just how giving godly love is. Remember, this is not the kind of love that says, “If you love me, I’ll love you back.” This is the love that says, “I’m committed to love you, no matter what. If I cannot like you, I will love you.”

According to 1 Corinthians 13, if I love you, I will be very patient with you. This is consistent with such sayings of Jesus as, “If your brother strikes you on one side of your face, turn the other side to him.” Or, “You do not just forgive your brother seven times, but seventy times seven.” So, I will give you my patience.

I will give you kindness. We can treat everybody with dignity and respect. We are commanded to be kind to one another. Love makes it easy. People often do and say things that hurt us. Whether they mean to be unkind, or not, we are to be followers of Christ. Jesus looked at the crowd, at the foot of the cross, and said, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

I will give you consistency. Verse 8 says, “Love never fails.” What does that means. I will break it down for you: It never fails! It doesn’t fail because of its nature. It’s not the kind that is dependant on how you treat me. My wife and I are coming up on 40 years of marriage. That’s not a record, but it is for us! It’s also long enough to find out that some days are easier in relationships than others. It’s long enough to find out that if relationships are to last for the long haul, this kind of love must be developed.


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