Bearing The Marks Of Christ

I was in an auto repair shop, and a young man who worked there was literally covered in tatoos.  He had on a sleeveless shirt, and his arms, hands, neck, and even the side of his face was covered with tatoos.  I mentioned to him that I couldn’t help noticing that he had a lot of tatoos, and I ask him how long it took it took him to get all of them?   He told me that he had been getting tatoos for about 4 years.  He seemed quite proud of them, and happy to talk about them, so I kind of provoked the conversation and heard his “testimony.”

Tatoos are an interesting fad that has resurfaced in a pretty big way in the last very few years.  The thing about fads and tatoos is that fads pass, but tatoos remain.  I heard one preacher say that those little butterflies, that these girls are getting painted on their lower backs, will one day turn into full blown peacocks when she puts on about 75 pounds!

In Galatians 6:17, the Apostle Paul says, “…I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.”   Not just on his body, but in it.  In his body lived a changed man.   Jesus had made such a difference in his life, it was like a tatoo for the world to see.

I would think that everybody who gets a tatoo means for somebody, at some time, to see it.   There is a show that comes on TV that shows people getting tatoos.  The tatoo “artist” said that he had put tatoos on people in every conceivable location of the body.  I’m wondering, “Who is the target audience for seeing these tatoos?”

Paul, the apostle, had been radically changed and battle tested.  Maybe our experiences aren’t as dramatic as his, but we have the same Jesus.  I would advise people not to get a tatoo, but I hope we will all bear in our bodies the marks of Christ.


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