Prayer Power

Jesus was a praying man.  Jesus prayed because when He left glory to become one of us, He did so to the degree that he depended on the Heavenly Father, just as we have to do.  He rose up early to pray, He went apart from His disciples to pray, and He sent the multitudes away so that He might pray.  If He needed to pray, how much more do I need to pray?

Volumes have been written and seminars have been conducted on prayer.  There are some things that will hinder effective praying, but usually when these hindrances are a part of one’s life, he doesn’t pray.

The devil fights the person who sets out to pray, because he knows that prayer is talking to God, and he doesn’t want us talking to Him.   When we talk to God, we commune with the One who who can do all things, the One with whom there is nothing impossible.

We can, and should, grow in our understanding of prayer, but a good starting place is to simply start practicing it.  It has been said that the biggest tragedy in prayer is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.  Have you prayed about your situation?



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2 responses to “Prayer Power

  1. Just read about the stephen in the books of Acts…how he was stoned to death for preaching the word…but what intrigued me is that he knelt down to pray even when being stoned. He died on his knees!

    • Babalobi, that’s a good observation. We never become completely mature in this life, there is always more growing we can do; but, Stephen was probably about as close as one can get. Have you noticed that everywhere Jesus is mentioned, concerning His whereabouts in heaven, He is seated at the right hand of the Throne of the Father, but when Stephen died on his knees, Jesus stood up! I think Jesus led heaven in a standing ovation for this faithful saint!

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