Nothing Impossible

The subject of particular doctrines could go on and on. This will be my stopping place, but it is a very important one. It is the doctrine of man. I realize that I’m not really scratching the surface on any of these, but I also know the importance of having a basic and biblical understanding of them.

Man is the apex of God’s creation. God created man in His own image and after His likeness. God breathed life into man and immediately gave him a commission of authority over the earth. The first man, Adam, was created as a fully grown man and fully intelligent. The Bible tells us that God created woman from the man. They were placed in a wonderful garden and given the responsibility to dress and keep it. They had only one rule, and they failed to obey it, thereby giving their authority of dominion over to Satan, the tempter. They immediately came under the curse of death, suffering immediate spiritual death and later, physical death. They were expelled from the garden and sentenced to having to toil just to be able to eat.

None of this came as a surprise to God. God did not have to do any quick thinking or call any emergency meetings to determine what must be done. From the foundation of the world, God knew what man would do, and He knew what He would do. God chose certain individuals, beginning with Abraham, in order to get His Seed into the world, by which He would redeem for Himself a people from every kindred, tongue, and nation.

The Bible teaches that believers are “in Christ,” therefore, we have been raised up together with Him to sit in heavenly places, which means what He gets, we get! It means that as long as He is saved, we are saved!

Another great truth is that while we were dead in trespasses and sins, we were under the curse of the law, but as Galatians 3:13-14 teachs, “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, become a curse for us, that the blessings of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles (us) through the promise of the Spirit by faith.” Deuteronomy 28:15, and following, tells us that the curse of the law is sickness, poverty, destruction, and death. Christ redeemed us from the curse! Not only that, but we live in the blessing of Abraham. Abraham was greatly blessed. In spite of the foolish things that he did, his life is great success story. Redeemed man has been given everything pertaining to life and godliness by His divine power, according to 2 Peter 1:2.

The bottom line is that man-kind, apart from a personal, covenant relationship with God through faith in Christ, is spiritually dead and eternally doomed, but if he hears and believes the word of God, concerning the gospel of Christ, he is brought to spiritual life by the same power that raised Christ from the dead. He not only has a home in heaven for all eternity, but he is now a son of God, and heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ. To top it all off, nothing is impossible to him, because all things are possible to him that believes.


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