God’s Best

Miracles are wonderful when they come to your life.  Have you ever been the recipient of a miracle?  I have.  People call happenings miracles sometimes, when they really aren’t.  But, miracles do happen.  A miracle is something that God causes to happen supernaturally, that would never happen naturally.

Miracles are often needed because people have violated the teachings of His word and their own common sense.  There are other times when miracles are needed to deliver people out of situations that have been imposed on them by someone else.  Examples of this would be Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail.  There are other examples where people were born with some affliction, and a miracle was used to deliver them.

As wonderful as miracles are, there is something better, and that is to live under the umbrella of God’s blessing.  Miracles deliver you from an unfavorable circumstance, whereas, blessing keeps you from getting there in the first place, if your dilemma is something of your own doing.

There is a method to receiving both miracles and blessing.  Miracles most often occur as a result of strong faith in the promise of God to meet a particular need, but blessing comes as a result of consistent faithful obedience.

Miracles meet a particular need, but blessing meets all your needs!  Miracles are often a temporary fix, but blessing just keeps on going.

Everyone receives a certain amount of blessing, just by virtue of the fact that they are alive, but the Bible teaches that those who obediently follow hard after the Lord can walk in blessing, which means to live constantly in it.

There will no doubt be times that we all need a miracle, and thank God, He can do it.  However, God’s best is not a miracle, but blessing, so that you don’t need a miracle.  Deuteronomy 28 is a great chapter of the Bible, contrasting living in blessing, or not living in blessing.

I am seeing people who are frightened by the economic forecast.  If you are depending on the economy as your source, maybe you should be afraid, but if you depend on God as your source, and you walk in His blessing, you have nothing to fear.


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