Always In Season

Last Spring, I bought a new suit.  It’s one of those Matlock looking suits.  Some people call it a “Mississippi Tuxedo.”  One guy looked at it and said, “That’s one of them ‘sapsucker’ suits, isn’t it?”  The thing about that suit is that it is strictly Spring and Summer, not Fall and Winter.  Another thing about it, people tend to remember it, so you can’t wear it to the same place very often.  I have decided that I like “year round” suits.  The same thing with neckties.  I’ve got a couple of neckties that have Christmas looking patterns on them.  Now that’s fine in the month of December, but people look at you kind of funny when you wear them in February.

In the spiritual sense, praising God is always in season.  It may not be with some folks, but is with God.  In the good times of our life, we can and should praise God, because every good thing comes from Him.  In the bad times, we can and should praise Him, because He has promised to bring us out on the other side of the bad.  In Jeremiah 29:11, God says that He knows His plans for us, and they are plans to do us good, not evil.  In Acts 16, Paul and Silas sang praise to God in a very bad situation, and the result was phenomenal.

Praise is so important to God that Revelation 4 tells us that He has placed beings before His throne in heaven, who praise Him day and night, night and day, forever!  It’s always in season.


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