Global Warming

I read an article today that said the weather was warmer in the 1930s than it is today.  It said that while some glaciers of the world are receding, there are equal numbers that are increasing, so it’s wash-out.

What if it’s all a hoax?  What if it’s all designed to scare us into giving up the controls of our life and giving even more of our money to the government?

Scientists who say it is not true, say that there has been such well planned effort to put it across, that any opposing evidence is no longer welcomed in the now closed debate.

How does it all fit with Bible prophecy?  Is there any hint in the Bible that mankind will, or even can, destroy the earth?  Not that I know of.   God says that He will one day destroy it with fire and brimstone, as described in 2 Peter 3, and there isn’t the first hint that the kind of light bulbs we use, the kind of cars we drive, or whether or not we use hair spray will have anything to do with it.


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