Resurrection Thoughts

Jesus demonstrated His absolute command of all things in His resurrection.  He showed His command over angels, which are not the little effeminate creatures we see in the pictures, but very powerful creatures.  Most importantly, He shows His command over life and death.  He said He would rise from the dead, and He did.  His resurrection is as documented as multitudes of other events that we readily accept as fact.  His command over life and death is not only in regard to Himself, but to all who believe in Him.  His promise is that even if we die, yet shall we live, plus He promises us that our bodies will be raised, even as He was raised.

We also see that He has abounding compassion to mankind.  In compassion, he told the women who had come to the grave to “rejoice.”  That’s a great word.  It means to experience joy over and over again.  In compassion, He told the women to go tell His brethren that He was alive.  After they had denied Him and deserted Him, He still called them brothers.  Thank God, when we fall, He is there to pick us up and remind us that we belong to Him.

We see that He gives us a commission.  It is to take the gospel to the world.  He promises, “I am with you always,” indicating that His business is to be our business.  We may have a vocation to pay our expenses, but our business is His business.


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