Spiritual Laws

Gravity is a natural law, meaning it is an absolute in the workings of the world.  Gravity is always at work.  Any day of the week, any time of the day, any place on the planet, gravity is going on.  It’s a law.

There are also spiritual laws that, like natural laws, they are always working.  Whether or not we are in submission to those laws, will everything to do with the kind of life we experience.

I did an internet search on spiritual laws, and I got stuff from how to become a Christian to mystical eastern religious guidelines.  What I’m thinking about is three very basic spiritual laws that are like branches from which many others may hang. 

The law of love is the greatest and most important.  To love God and love people is the greatest of the commandments and is the summation of all the law and prophets.  If you fail at this point, you will not be in position to benefit from any of the other spiritual laws.

The law of faith is second, but is completely dependant upon your submission to the law of love.  First Corinthians 13:1-3 says that no matter how much you do, or how much faith you have, it is no good without love.  However, the law of faith says that unless faith is operative in your life, you cannot please God, you cannot come to God, and you cannot receive anything from God.  On the other hand, to him that believes, all things are possible.  Everybody has faith, but many people have their faith misplaced.  Adrian Rogers said, “Many people have strong faith in thin ice!”  Faith that has its basis in the word of God cannot fail.

Finally, there is the law of confession, which says, “What you say nails it down in your life.”  In the creation, God said, and it was.  I’m thankful that God has been merciful and has placed a filter between what we say and what we get, so that it doesn’t just immediately happen.  We’d all be dead!  Just think about when you said, “My head is killing me.”


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