Whether it’s the policeman  or some other authority, we are constantly reminded that there are commands to which we must respond.

The Bible has many commands.   There are three truths concerning any biblical command:

WE MUST DECIDE TO DO IT.   If the response was automatic, there would be no need for a command.

WE CAN DO IT.  God never commands us to do anything that He does not provide the wherewithal with which to do it. 

THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT WE MIGHT NOT DO IT.   Sadly, this is where all too many people live: in disobedience to the Lord’s commands.

 If we make the decision to show the Lord’s command, “No Respect,” we deprive ourselves of the good life that He has provided for us in Christ.   Failure to obey the command of policeman will bring unpleasant results, and even moreso, will failure to obey the commands of Lord bring unpleasant results.  On the other hand, there are great blessings for those who trust and obey.


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